Friday, 19 February 2010

...spoke too soon...

...because the snow today has stuck...think it might have been sent down from the Peak district...!

For the rehab horses, its an improvement on the freeze we had last week, as they are still all at the stage when they find hard, uneven ground uncomfortable. Snow means they can move comfortably round a much bigger area, so for them its ideal.

The other horses enjoy it too - most of the snow fell this morning and there was a concerted rush out of the barn (where they had mostly spent the night) to go and roll in the deepest snow - although as we've only had about half an inch, "deep" is really the wrong description :-)

Its not forecast to stay for long - must admit I am hoping that this is the last bout of snow for this winter. As C said yesterday, its been a long one already...

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cptrayes said...


No, we didn't send it down. You've got your own and I've got ANOTHER two inches today.

If I can't get the lorry out to hunt tomorrow there will be steam coming out of my ears!!!!!!!!!!1