Thursday, 11 February 2010

Out in a blaze of glory!

...and of course its Paul we are talking about...He went home yesterday but we and his owner had planned for some time that it would be a lovely grand finale for him to go hunting on his last day.

As far as she knew, he had hunted in Ireland, but the last thing that she had expected when she brought him down at the end of November was that he would be hunting at the beginning of February!

It was a very cold but beautiful day, and so we loaded up Paul, plus Felix and Charlie to be his hunting buddies, and off we went.

It was clear at the meet that Paul had seen it all before, and although there were one or two other horses misbehaving, he behaved like a complete pro with hounds and other horses. He went at the back, went in the middle, had people passing him and went over streams and wet places without turning a hair - you couldn't have asked for better manners.

We kept it to a short day, for his first time, and he capped it off with a long hack back to the trailers up the road, good as gold. What a little star he is :-)

Updated to add: Had a text to say that Paul is fine this morning, but C aches "all over"... Ooops! :-0


Clare said...

Thanks to you and Andy for a perfect day out to top off a perfect 2 months at Rockley! Wasn't he just a perfect gentleman out hunting . . . not a foot wrong. As I've said sooo many times, we can't thank you enough. I'm sure I'll keep you informed with regular updates and I look forward to following the other rehab horses on your blog:-)
Take care, C.

cptrayes said...

Well done yourself Clare, it takes an open mind and a good owner to follow the path that you have. I'm so glad for you that you hav ebeen rewarded with a sound horse.


Nic Barker said...

Yes, Paul's progress is really down to Clare doing her research and being brave enough to send Paul here. Plus of course choosing such a great horse in the first place ;-)