Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Its thanks to the owners

We are making good progress with Project Dexter, which should be our first step towards providing credible evidence of navicular/DDFT rehab, but the progress hasn't been due to vets, its been due to owners.

There is one honourable exception: Jeremy Hyde, from Eqwest, who had the original idea for the project and helped to kick-start it, as well as referring Dexter, Erik and Blue here. Without him, we wouldn't even have got the research project off the ground!

Most other horses, though, have come because their owners have refused to give up on them, and because they refused to believe their vet when they were told that they'd tried everything, and that their horse had no future.

The purpose of this post is to say a big thank you to all the horse owners who have done their research, asked difficult questions, and been prepared to go out on a limb for their horses. Thanks also to all the vets who, despite being deeply sceptical, agreed to speak to me and gave their (in some cases reluctant!) consent to the horses coming here!

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