Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A reward for a very diligent horse-owner

I went to see some horses in Cornwall a few weeks ago, and posted about them earlier: http://rockleyfarm.blogspot.com/2009/10/quote-of-day.html

As I won't be seeing the horses regularly, it was wonderful to receive an email today from the horses' owner, giving me an update. Her Arab horse, in particular, had been worrying her because he had become very short-striding and when I saw him was landing dramatically toe-first. His owner reported he had shoulder and back problems, and his landing may well have been a contributory factor.

The great news in her email was the Arab is already a rock-crunching barefoot horse and is going really well:

"in fact two days after shoes off I stopped his daily bute and he's not had it since. Having shoes off is the best thing in the world I could have done for them."

Her farrier may be in for a surprise when he realises her horses will be doing MORE mileage barefoot than shod ;-)

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