Friday, 9 October 2009

More about grass...!

As a follow on from yesterday, here's a link to a post today on the UKNHCP forum coincidentally on this very topic :-)

Perhaps in a few years time horse-owners, vets and farriers (not to mention dairy farmers!) will be much more aware of the problems caused by high sugar, low fibre forage - also known as "24/7 turnout in spring and summer" - but at the moment its only really the owners with barefoot performance horses who have made the connection.

Believing is seeing!

Even yesterday, someone was asking about our track system and said to me "but surely horses graze all the time in the wild?". Thats sort of true, but of course feral horses don't graze all the time on vivid green, artificially enclosed and maintained pasture - and when they are moved to that type of pasture, surprise surprise they go lame.

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