Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quote of the day...

...from yesterday from a farrier :-) It links in nicely to the post about Shoeing as healing, earlier in the week(!).

I was out doing a consultation on some horses, which the owner is taking barefoot but which will be trimmed by her farrier, as its too far away for me to get to regularly. The owner has been super-conscientious over the last few months about sorting out their diet and environment, so it was a case of agreeing on the trimming.

One was already unshod, the other came out of shoes. Having walked and trotted them both, we all agreed that the second horse immediately had much better foot placement, as opposed to its a dramatic toe-first landing in its shoes. The farrier's comment? "I know its controversial, but I don't believe in nailing steel to a horse's feet"!

Now he can see that there is an alternative ;-)

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cptrayes said...

That's my kind of farrier!