Monday, 30 June 2014

Buddy 'n' Paddy 'n' Indy 'n' Isla 'n' Lucy

What a weekend for 5 of the ex-rehabs - this post has to be for them as a tribute to them and all the hard work that they and their owners have put in to get this far. 
This lovely photo of Buddy and Krista was taken just before they went XC at their first ever one day event - its the culmination of months and months of hard work but should be only the start of their eventing journey! Buddy's blog tells the whole tale:
Paddy - our famous "double-rehab" who had kissing spine surgery immediately following his rehab time here - was showjumping (there is a stunning video clip here and I honestly never thought I would see him jump so its a fantastic moment!) and came second competing in his first ever novice dressage test.
Em and Indy were competing in their first dressage competition for 3 years and came third with 68.5% -  fantastic!
Isla, who was here at the same time as Indy, last year, and was out eventing. Dressage 36.5 and a double clear SJ and XC - very impressive! There is a fab video of her on Becca's Facebook page - you can watch it here:
Last but certainly not least Lucy, who went jumping with Amanda - their first Discovery class and double clear - well done all of you - I'm very proud of you :-)

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