Monday, 9 June 2014

Another busy weekend...

Busy weekend for lots of the ex-rehabs and I've had poor internet so am only just catching up with what people have been doing - apologies to those I've missed out!

Lucy and Fryday have been stressaging again and again have come back with a frilly - its starting to be something of a habit! Fryday is looking amazing - his stride is so much longer than it was when I first met him and he is a really smart chap.

Krista and Buddy have been doing lots of jumping and getting ready for their first ODE - you can read about their adventures on Buddy's blog, of course, including their coach's thoughts on Buddy's feet!

Last but not least a fun pic from Lucy and Amanda who came second in a 1m jumping class - excellent job as always!
(Lucy really was born to jump - as I was uploading her photo I came across this one from June 2013 - go Lucy!)

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