Monday, 16 June 2014

Three weeks of a changing hoof

Betty and Duffy have been here for 3 weeks - they arrived via quarantine from Dubai and Duffy's hooves have already made such impressive changes that he nabbed the first blog spot.

Betty however is equally deserving and I've promised owner Claire that I will get on and post her photos too, so here they are.
Her hooves were also showing the effects of the lack of movement available in quarantine though they weren't quite as dramatic as Duffy's.
Still, 3 weeks on and with no trimming her feet are looking more respectable - a better frog, healthier bars and the damage at the toe is also repairing nicely.

Betty's landing hasn't improved as fast as Duffy's but she is getting there in her own time. On day one her heels were too high and her frog and digital cushion were weak but 3 weeks on things are looking better. 
She is not symmetrical and still has less than perfect medio lateral balance so thats what we will be looking for over the next few weeks. 
 Interesting lateral shots - lots of long hoof wall has self-trimmed and the convex hoof wall is straightening with a stronger angle of new hoof capsule at the top - all good signs.
Good progress Betty - now onwards and upwards!

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