Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Belated update - Jennie's progress

After its minor meltdown yesterday my camera seems to be behaving - at least intermittently - so here is Jennie's update. As usual I am concentrating on her front feet because that's the reason she came here but unfortunately as her front feet improved it became clear that she also had a hind limb problem. This has made her progress rather slow as you can see from the photos. 
Better frog development and less heel contraction and the beginnings of better concavity but still lots to do.
One of my concerns about Jennie when she arrived was that her feet were smaller and narrower at ground level than they were at the coronet - something you see in foals but shouldn't in an adult horse. Look how the hoof wall tapers in on the upper photo.  
 Contrast with today and her hooves are de-contracting but its an ongoing issue.
Lateral shots show a better hairline with the heels and quarters more stable and less crushed. She still has an under-run heel but the toe is shorter and the foot more upright. 
More updates on some of the others later this week, camera permitting!

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