Thursday, 26 June 2014

Russell's 2 week update

Russell has been here just over 2 weeks so its a good time for an update. He already had pretty good feet when he arrived and he was sounder than the majority of horses who arrive here so the changes to his feet are correspondingly subtle.
His toe is shortening - this is his worse foot - and as that happens and the back of his foot becomes stronger his hoof/pastern axis is improving as well.  
The most noticeable changes from this angle are the increase in the strength of the frog and digital cushion and the shorter hoof wall. This is important as Russell has a merio-lateral imbalance on this foot which is one of the main issues we are trying to solve. 

The same changes are evident from the sole shots. I'd also be looking for his bars to straighten and for the hoof wall to reduce even more over the next few weeks.

His LF is his better foot and does not have the imbalance which the RF suffers from. Still the toe has shortened slightly as he has done more work. 

Again, a slight increase in frog and digital cushion strength plus shorter hoof wall - all good. 

And confirmation of that as well from the sole shots. Notice how this foot is more symmetrical and has straighter bars than the more troublesome RF - signs of better medio-lateral balance. 
More on Russell soon!


dea i Campina said...

What happened to my comment with question about the splitted frog from this post?
Has it been moderated out? 8| Please tell me that I am wrong.

I really appreciate your results and I value your opinions very much. I thought the truth is important to you, same as to me. Doesn't it work like this? You only leave the comments with "wow!"s in place?

I admit that I am crashed with it. I hope it's some kind of mistake.

Nic Barker said...

Your comment appeared on this post:

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dea i Campina said...

No answer for sure makes me feel better than being wiped out ;)
Have a nice day.