Monday, 31 March 2014

These fairweather riders...(!)

I don't get a bit of sunny weather and all the rehab horses and owners go out on jollies - these fairweather riders :-)

First up is Paddy, whom regular readers will remember from last year as he had not only foot problems but back problems: He and owner Emma therefore not only had hoof rehab but rehab following his spinal operation but here is the reward for all their hard work...
"Came 4th in the first test (intro b), 1st in the second test (CRC 1a, where the rider is judged as well as the horse, got 84%!!!) and 4th in the third test (prelim 4). Judges comments were 'lovely horse & rider combination, sympathetically ridden, a little tight today, but shows huge potential - well done'

This was his first time in a ridden competition in 18 months following his foot rehab and operation on his back, & his first prelim competition. Soooo pleased with my boy!!"  
Next up are Isla and Becca - apparently Isla had a strop about jumping 90cm which she felt was beneath her but graciously agreed to perform over 105cm :-)
Looking fantastic - and again a fitting reward for all the miles and hours they have put in over the winter. 
Lucy and Fryday are next up, and despite many downs as well as ups over the last few months it looks as if their hard work is undoubtedly paying off!
Finally for now - and last but definitely not least - Krista and Buddy who are also looking amazing. 
 What a transformation from the weedy little chap who was at Rockley last year - all grown-up!
As always, these horses and their incredible performances are a credit to the tireless hard work, patience, dedication and sheer sweat their owners have put in for months and months and months. 

Its always a thrill to see updates like this so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)

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