Monday, 10 March 2014

Seminar spells Spring

After a great weekend, when I went to Belfast to meet a fabulous group of horse owners and give a seminar on Saturday, I got home yesterday to find that Spring had properly sprung.
It was wonderful to see even the clipped horses out of their rugs in the sunshine and revelling in the lovely weather and we were very fortunate to have good weather in Belfast too on Saturday, which made assessing horses and talking about biomechanics and hooves all day much more comfortable. 
I have to give a huge thank you here to Helen Spence who asked me over in the first place and to Nola and Hilary who hosted us so welcomingly - along with their and Elaine's patient horses - and supplied us with limitless tea, cake and coffee. 
We talked about so many aspects of horses and hoofcare, from tracks to feed and hooves to tack, and it was  - just like the RRR - fantastic to get a like-minded group of owners together to share ideas, tips and advice. 

I hope to see you all again and, in the meantime, have a wonderful spring and summer with your horses!

PS: Its likely that I will be doing another seminar in April/May - probably in Hampshire.  I will put details up here as soon as we have ironed them out!

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