Wednesday 19 March 2014

New girl Clementina

Our latest arrival touched down at Rockley yesterday from Gloucestershire and she has the exotic name of Clementina. 
She came out of shoes 5 months ago following an MRI which diagnosed bilateral collateral ligament damage, worse on the RF, together with some navicular bone and DDFT damage.
In the months since the MRI Clementina has been without shoes and her dorso-palmar balance has improved. Even though her palmar hoof is still weak her landing has changed from toe first to flat/heel first. 
You can also see from this angle that she has better growth in the top inch of her foot but I'd hope to see that improve again over the next few weeks.
Clearly from this angle she has a stretched white line but that's not an immediate worry as she has been on a better diet for a few months so what we are seeing at ground level is already several months old. 
At the moment Clementina's biggest issue is the medio-lateral imbalance which is still causing her to land on the lateral edge of her feet. As the MRI pointed out, this was worse on the RF and that's still the case today. 
We have plenty to work on but she and owner Judith have made great progress so far - lets hope we can help them get even further. 

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