Monday, 17 March 2014

Gemini's 4 week photo comparison

Gemini has now been here for a month so time for her update photos. She has already improved her landing as I posted earlier.
You can see from this angle that she has shortened her toe and that her heels are already less under-run. 
 Her sole shots are interesting, as she had apparently flat feet but with good collateral groove depth suggesting that her feet actually had better concavity than her flat sole suggested. 
Sure enough, the false sole has started to disappear and you can clearly see that she will have a very strong heel and frog once her foot has fully developed. 

From this angle her foot is also rebalancing and the medial distortion looks to be improving, which is confirmed by her better landing. 
More on Gem soon!


Pat van der Byl said...

I'm interested to know why her medial imbalance is correcting itself now, whereas it hadn't done so in the past few months seeing she was barefoot? Is this because she is now moving more, or because of the nature of the footing of your tracks, or a combination of both?


cptrayes said...

Some trimming schools would of course have insisted that the foot could not come right unless the false sole was cut out.

I'm glad to see such a great example that this is not true.

Nic Barker said...

CPT - she is the second horse to do this recently - the Dutch mare Brigitte did the same, though with her I think coming off box rest was the trigger, and it was overlaid bars as well as false sole which came off in chunks!
Pat, I suspect a combination - the horse is (IME) always trying to revert to correct, easier movement if possible and removing the obstacles which are preventing that change allows for more and better movement - virtuous circle.