Friday 7 March 2014

New horse Holly and the heel imbalance

New horse Holly arrived at the weekend and it was immediately clear why she has had soundness issues over the last year or so. 
From this angle you can clearly see that her LF (which has also been diagnosed on MRI with DDFT damage) has a medio lateral imbalance which has led to her landing on the lateral side of the foot. 
From the lateral aspect it doesn't look too bad - the ridge in the lower half of the hoof capsule arose when she was taken out of shoes some 6 months ago. Her feet have obviously been growing quite slowly as she hasn't been in work but on the plus side her hooves are less under-run and she has developed some palmar hoof strength. 
I'd love to upload photos of her RF but for some reason the Blogger server won't let me - it only likes her LF - so lets hope it overcomes that prejudice by the time I come to post her update...

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