Sunday 3 October 2021

Crumble's 3 week update

How is it October already? Anyway, time for an update on Crumble, who arrived 3 weeks ago, time keeps marching on and so do the feet on the rehab horses...!

After only 3 weeks there are no dramatic changes to see yet. There is a change in angle which you can see highlighted by the band of white hoof - this should be clearer in a few more weeks when the angle change will have grown in further. 

These are feet which are working a bit harder now than when she arrived so we are seeing her frog start to develop  - again this will be more evident when we compare again a bit further down the line. 

Sorry - not the best angle, I will try to get a better comparison next time...

As with the other foot, we will watch the angle of the white hoof, which gives a nice clear demarcation. The changes will be easier to see in a few more weeks. 

It has actually been really tricky to get photos as it is so dark compared to a few weeks ago - and this is at mid day as well - I don't know why but I never get used to how much we lose the light at this time of year. 

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