Wednesday 6 October 2021

12 week comparison photos: James

James is going home tomorrow so I am posting a set of comparison photos with his initial pictures as the upper of each pair. 


The band of new growth is clear to see and is even more obvious if you run a hand down the hoof capsule. It will result in a shorter toe once it's completely grown in. 

You can see the start of better concavity in the sole and his frog and heels have also developed. There should be more of this to come over the next few months. 

The central sulcus splits are healed and as long as he continues to land heel first should not cause him any problems. 

Again, the new growth will result in a shorter toe and more supportive palmar hoof as his hoof capsule grows in. 

A much healthier frog - you can see that his feet are asymmetric but are nevertheless balanced on landing; this is dictated by his conformation and is unlikely to change. 

I've posted James' footage previously so if you would like to see his progress have a look back at earlier blogs. 

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