Friday, 9 July 2021

Tate's 12 week update

Today is Tate's update, again over 12 weeks with her original photos at the top and the lower photo being the most up to date. 

As with Joey, there is a clear line between the new growth and the old hoof. She already had quite nice feet when she arrived but its good to see a tighter hoof capsule growing in and a less distorted hairline. 

Her feet now have more developed frogs and there is more structure to the palmar hoof. Overall the shape of her feet has not changed but the proportions are now weighted more towards the back of the foot, which is what we want. 

A nice change in the hairline and more development in the palmar hoof, though she still has more to do. This should continue over the next few months. 

Not the best comparison as the angles are slightly different but again there is new growth clear to see in today's photos and more bulk to the digital cushion than she had before. 

No dramatic changes but a more developed frog on this foot as well and the beginnings of good concavity. This will also develop further as the new hoof capsule grows in. 

Footage to follow!


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