Sunday, 18 July 2021

Dante's 12 week update

Finally for this week, here are Dante's 12 week comparison photos ahead of his return home this weekend. As usual, the original photos are at the top and the lower photos are the most recent. 

The new growth can clearly be seen here, about halfway down his hoof capsule. 

His frogs were not in bad shape when he arrived but are becoming more robust and broadening out.
A much better digital cushion, though it would be good to see his hairline improve further over the next few months. 

You can see the new growth on this foot as well, and his foot has become less boxy, with more substance to the back of his foot. 

Not the best angles for comparison - again, his frogs were in good shape when he arrived but they have become stronger with mileage out of shoes. 

Again, a better digital cushion, with more improvement to come. 
Dante's footage is here:


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