Sunday, 16 May 2021

Tate's 4 week update

Today is time for Tate's update. She had been out of shoes a lot longer than Dante and is correspondingly more competent on tough surfaces than he is at the moment. 
Nevertheless her feet are already showing signs of changes, albeit more subtle than the ones we could see yesterday.  
Her frog is beginning to develop but we would want to see it get a lot stronger over the next few weeks. 

As with Dante, it is good to see a better hairline, signs that the digital cushion is starting to develop. 

There is also a change in the hairline from this angle, with it more level than it was previously. Again this is encouraging because it shows the foot is loading more evenly. 

Tate's landing is a more confident than it was when she arrived but these feet are only just beginning to change so we would expect to see more development as her work level increases. 

This was already a decent foot but it is nice to see it becoming stronger - more to come I hope!
Tate's footage is here:


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