Monday, 17 May 2021

Joey's 4 week update


I like the change in Joey's stance and the fact that his toe is shortening, apologies for the mud on his feet as I took the recent photo, below, just after we got back from exercising...
The back of his foot was very weak when he arrived and that is starting to strengthen which is good to see.

Interestingly, his foot is already starting to rebalance - his medio-lateral balance is changing quite rapidly.
It is not the easiest angle to see, but his frog is more robust and his hoof wall is much shorter than it was. As ever, this has not needed trimming in order to achieve it. 

Again, the focus is the back of the foot which is where he needed to become stronger. Over the next few weeks we should see further improvements as his heels become less under-run and his toes shorten. 

As with the left foot, the most interesting change is that the medio-lateral balance is improving.

Apologies again for the post-exercise mud, but it is nice to see a more robust frog and stronger digital cushion. 

Joey's footage is here - there is no significant change to see in his landing in this footage but ironically when he is properly walking out up the lane his landing is a lot better - which is frustrating from the point of view of the blog but good news for Joey: