Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Wales' first fortnight

Wales and the other "new" rehab horses have now been here for 2 weeks so I will post updated photos this week. Unfortunately the weather yesterday and today is pretty gloomy so the picture quality is not as good as I would like and has also made filming difficult.

 Still, here goes; as usual the upper photos show him on arrival and the lower is now. He of course has a very long way to go but there are signs of improvement in his frog which is the starting point for any rehabilitation of the palmar hoof. 
He has not been trimmed so the shortening of the toe and the slightly less under-run heel have been achieved naturally. Importantly the toe is only moving back as fast as the palmar hoof strengthens.
The central sulcus splits he has in both front feet are going to take some time to heal; a better landing and lots of movement should be the best way to prevent them recurring in future. 
This was Wales' worst foot and he was landing very toe first on it when he arrived. Today his landing is better - a best fractionally heel first, at worst flat. 
 There are no dramatic changes from this angle at this stage; it will normally take 4-6 weeks before a change in hairline is visible.  
More on Wales soon, with footage to follow once its not so dark!

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