Friday 24 November 2017

Tabby's first fortnight

Finally we get to the last of the new rehab horses, Tabby. She arrived the same day as the other horses and was the only one to arrive in shoes. As is usually the case, the remedial shoes which were intended to provide support were not in fact,  as supportive as her feet are on their own.
Its also difficult for feet to remain balanced in shoes, as this photo shows clearly, since her foot has better balance once out of shoes and the lateral side is already less distorted.
 There are 3 photos here as the middle one shows her feet immediately out of shoes, since the pads were completely masking her frogs in shoes. Her toe looks a little long but that is old hoof capsule will quickly grow out as her palmar hoof becomes stronger.
 Again, a foot which is in fact less under-run and more supported out of shoes.
The foot is also regaining a more normal shape which is great to see.

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