Friday, 2 December 2016

Lenny's update

Another update, this time Lenny's. He has also been here just over 7 weeks and is due an update. Personally I am much happier with the palmar hoof in his LF today than when he arrived.
The structure is better and he has more support but although his landing has improved on this foot he is not landing as well as on his RF. However the signs are encouraging - he is landing confidently heel first down hill and is coping with work on harder surfaces so he is definitely heading in the right direction. 
 Lenny had fairly flat feet and although he is starting to build better concavity, as you can see from the increased collateral groove depth, he has a way to go before the whole hoof reflects this. 
His frog and digital cushion though are looking stronger and his heels are further back and providing better stability for the limb. 
 The more level hairline  and digital cushion gives a good indication of a palmar hoof that is no longer collapsing but there is obviously a way still to go. 

This photo gives a good indication of how much hoof he has already grown. Unlike some horses there is not a dramatic change in the angle of the dorsal wall but if you compare the nail holes the growth rate is still clear.

On this foot he is now able to land confidently heel first, with a stronger frog and palmar hoof, but as you can see his medio-lateral balance is changing as well. 

Still a fairly crazy looking foot even though it has already become a lot stronger. You can clearly see the change in hoof balance from this angle and it looks as if once fully grown in the hoof capsule will be providing better medial support. 

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