Wednesday, 7 December 2016


No posts so far this week because of an exciting plan hatched by Annette, Lucy and I at this year's rehab reunion; we are going to ride the Ridgeway in the Spring - obviously this means it will be the Rockley Rehabs' Reunion Ridgeway Ride, or 5R for short.

For those not on Facebook, here is Annette's post:

"At this year's RRR, Nic, Lucy and I got chatting about a Rockley Rehab long distance ride. 

Nic and I have both fancied riding the Ridgeway and an alliterative ride seems like a great way to fulfil the ambition ;). Lucy's dream of doing the South Downs may then follow a few months later!

The rideable part of the Ridgeway goes from Streatley in Berkshire to the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire, via some stunning historical sites such as the White Horse and Wayland Smithy long barrow at Uffington, Barbury Castle and numerous other prehistoric forts plus miles of racehorse gallops. The route is 43 miles long and includes grassy tracks, some short bits of road and some stonier sections (based on the parts that I know).

We were thinking of setting out from Streatley so we can finish by riding into Avebury, as pilgrims have done for thousands of years. It will be a good paced ride (not least because walking for too long results in sore bums!) and we'll do it over three days / two nights, which should be very manageable for a fairly fit horse. One option we are looking at is to ride to Wantage on day 1, 16 miles, as my horses are there so I should be able to source a field / stables fairly easily plus there is a nice youth hostel (the Court Hill centre) on the Ridgeway. Then we'd head to somewhere near Ogbourne St George / Marlborough on day two - if anyone knows this area or has contacts please let us know - then a shorter ride into Avebury on day three by lunchtime.

I quite fancy aiming for the first May bank holiday so we ride into Avebury on May Day and check out the Druids!"

So now the dates are set. We will gather on Friday 28th April, set off the next morning and end with riding triumphantly (we hope!) into Avebury on May morning.

We are planning on a fairly small group and horses and riders need to be fit but if any other rehab horses and owners are interested and have not yet given us their names just drop me an email.

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