Friday, 13 May 2016

Just time for another update - Holly

Belatedly but better late than never here is Holly's update. She also arrived 3 weeks ago and, like Mrs H, had already been out of shoes for some time. 
She actually had a flat/heel first landing and we have been able to steadily build up her work since her arrival. She has other issues in addition to front limb lameness though so we are being very careful with what we ask her to do. 
Nevertheless, the work she has done so far has strengthened her feet and got her moving more freely both in front and behind, which is good to see. 
Her digital cushion and frog in particular are working harder than before which is another encouraging sign. 
Not much of a change from this angle though there is a steeper hoof capsule growing in. 

What is trickier to show in a photo is developing concavity but that is starting to appear, particularly at the toe, in the lower photo which is from today. 

A stronger palmar hoof doesn't solve every problem but its an essential first step towards better movement. 


Jax said...

Wow thanks Nic, what a change in those heel bulbs - the hoof nerd's equivalent of a boob job! Now thinking I would have been better walking her out without boots much more / earlier.

Nic Barker said...