Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Another new horse - Ginger's feet

As you can tell, its been all change amongst the rehab horses but its always fun to see new feet, even if its taking me a few days to get all the photos posted.
Ginger, like the other new arrivals, has been shod but has been out of shoes for the best part of a year.  He went lame in 2015 and an MRI showed inflammation in the palmar hoof but little obvious pathology apart from sidebone.
His landing and lameness have improved significantly over the time he has been out of shoes  though you can see the central sulcus is still weak. However he still has a slight but visible lameness on the right rein and its this we need to try and improve.
He has relatively long toes but quite a good foot otherwise and his landing is mostly heel first, though he has had periods of landing toe first till quite recently.
 He does slightly overload the lateral side of his feet and this may well be a factor in his sidebone.
In this foot too the central sulcus is a vulnerable area, which has in the past been very sore. The dry weather we have now will help but the best way to strengthen his feet will be movement.

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