Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Darcy's 5 week update

Darcy has been here since the end of November and despite dire weather has at least enjoyed being able to move about on the tracks. He was recently out of shoes and was clearly unlevel on the RF both in a straight line and on a circle. 
This is his better foot, less upright than the right and as you can see he has produced a reasonable amount of hoof growth in his first few weeks and his toe has shortened.
He had quite good frogs on day 1 and so there is not a dramatic change in this foot although the frog and heels have broadened slightly. 

Stupidly I didn't get his right foot from this angle on day one so these comparisons are from 2 weeks ago (above) and today (below).

A slightly more functional frog, though it was in reasonable shape to begin with. 

To me there is an improvement in the hairline over the weeks but he is still not comfortable enough to land heel first on this foot. 

On the left foot we see a similar picture - again, his landing needs improvement on this foot too though its better than the right. 

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