Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advent for hooves

Appropriately enough for the first week of Advent, here are some hooves looking for a new beginning - and they are new to me, too.
They belong to an Arab called Mr Darcy who arrived here at the the end of last week and these are his first photos. He is at the moment quite dramatically lame on his RF, less so on his LF and our first job has been to get him off box rest and gently  - and calmly - moving on good surfaces. 
His feet don't look too bad which is a compelling confirmation of the fact that you can't really judge hooves from photos. I could show you lots of uglier feet on sounder horses!
However, what is nice is that he has basically good structure to build on which I hope will help in his recovery. Its very early days yet for Darcy but there will be more on him very soon.

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