Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Blinged-up Bullet Dodgers

Those of you who are familiar with Buddy's Barefoot Adventure will already have seen the posts on Facebook but this success was too good not to share with the rest of you :-)

[ETA: Krista's gorgeous blog post on the day is now up here: http://www.buddysbarefootadventure.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/triumphant-team-quest.html?m=1]

For those not on Facebook, the Blinged-up Bullet Dodgers are a team of 3 ex-rehabs who went out competing at the weekend. They were competing as a team in a British Dressage Team Quest competition which featured 16 teams in all...AND THEY ONLY WENT AND WON!!

The team consisted of Krista and Buddy, Emily and Indy and Lucy and Fryday and I couldn't be more proud.
This is their team badge, along with a snazzy pistol motif modelled by Krista on FB and I am hoping for photos of them all bling-ed up in due course (I can't wait - they do it SO well!).

I'm always impressed and delighted when I hear of horses' successes once they go home - whether its a hard-won rosette or simply the first "proper" hack out - each achievement is its own mountain climbed.

What is so special about this success is not just that they were all rehab horses but, even better, that it was an incredibly well-deserved team success. Each of these riders and their horses has worked incredibly hard to get where they are today. Each of them has suffered disappointments, set-backs and lots of frustration - along with some fabulous successes - as part of their journey and they have been there for each other and for many other owners every step of the way.
 At the time the photo above was taken, I don't think Emily or Lucy would have believed their horses would return to competition, but here they are.
Along the way they have not only supported each other but have provided endless encouragement, help and wise words of advice to other owners; now they are inspiring those who are in the same boat that they were in a few years ago. 
I am so fortunate that nearly all the owners who come here are generous enough to give back  - without complaint or agenda - to the "next generation": people whose horses have perhaps just been "written off", as Buddy, Indy and Fryday might have been if things had gone differently. 
Its probably the aspect of the RRR that I am most proud of: no matter what their discipline, from the most dedicated affiliated competitor to the most uncompetitive happy hacker - for everyone their horse comes first and they always have time and respect for other owners, no matter how different the ethos or interest or how they got to where they are today.

Of course the last word has to go to the team... Blinged-up Bullet Dodgers - you ROCK :-)

"What a day! BD Debut and my pony did not let me down. Totally emotional that our team of three Rockley rehabs beat everyone else by a mile (1st of 16 teams), held the top score of the entire day (great job Emily and Indy) and I finally broke the 70% barrier!!!"


"Spent the day with two fantastic ladies Krista and Emily and 3 fantastic horses for the inaugural outing of "blinged up bullet dodgers". And modesty aside, we smashed it. Beginner's luck? Who cares if it is. We performed (particularly emily and krista who nailed over 70% each) and more importantly we enjoyed it. Showing off our ponies who could very easily not be with us. Kapow."


"The most amazing day- despite the rain. A win for Indy and I at BD .... still can't quite believe it. As if it could get any better.... it did- a win for our Team Quest of barefoot rehabs. Legendary behaviour all round"


And the wonderful summary of the day goes to Lucy:
"You make your own luck as they say. None of us felt very "lucky" 2 years ago.

But look at you now...

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AmandaB said...

That is absolutely brilliant ! Well done girls richly deserved.