Tuesday 17 February 2015

Mr Ennis Bundle

These feet belong to new boy Ennis who arrived on Monday. He has one of the most splendid names I have ever come across and his feet aren't too shabby either though his palmar hoof his weak.
He has been shod up until a couple of months ago and his shoes were taken off when  he had his MRI. He still has a relatively poor frog but much less contraction than we often see. 
He has been diagnosed with bilateral DDFT lesions and navicular bone damage and is not surprisingly landing flat/toe first in front. 
This isn't a bad foot but when you look at the photo below you can see that he has an interesting conformation issue on this leg. 
The frog on this foot is better but the medio-lateral balance is worse than on his LF so I would expect some changes to this foot as well. 
More on Ennis soon. 


ali said...

Thanks Nic, good to see! So, with the interesting conformation higher up, will he grow a hoof that will help him compensate? Hope he hasnt eaten everything at Rockley....

Nic Barker said...

Not yet Ali ;-) Yes, I suspect he will grow a different hoof - he has already started the process from when you took his shoes off in December.