Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Photos for Fiona!

As many of you know, Freya is here for the winter and has brought Birdie with her. He hadn't ever hunted before but we all thought he might enjoy it and on his 3rd day out I managed to get some photos for Fiona, Freya's mum.
 Birdie was more than ready for the off - keen as mustard and seconds later was charging up the hill!
The field were momentarily stationary...
...which did not suit Birdie at all. However this was pretty much the last time we stood still so he had plenty of chances to show off his newly-acquired skills at crossing all sorts of terrain.
An unbelievable day...
...and the best view anyone could wish for :-)
A tired but happy horse and rider at the end of a wonderful few hours - well done Birdie and Freya and lets hope for many more days like this to come!

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