Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Bruno's first 3 weeks

Bruno arrived 3 weeks ago and I posted his original photos in this post. Time for an update although as he was landing even more toe first than Alfie (whom I posted about yesterday) it would be too much to expect him to be landing heel first already. 
 He has the typical under-run heels and long toes which we commonly see on horses who have only had a short time out of shoes but already his toe is shortening (on its own - no trimming required) and his hairline is straighter which indicates the palmar hoof is getting stronger.
Sole shots show a frog which is improving and a big shift beginning in his media-lateral balance. His breakover is going to be way back once his toe has shortened and that should also allow his heels to stop collapsing and come back to a more supportive position. 

This is an interesting shot as it shows that the foot is becoming more balanced - there is better symmetry at the level of the frog and digital cushion and the palmar hoof as a whole looks tougher. 

There is going to be quite a difference in Bruno's hoof angle once he has grown a bit more hoof capsule. You can just about see a band of new growth at the top and if you project that down to the ground at the same angle you get a sense of where his heel and toe will be in 6 months' time - a much shorter toe and a much less under-run, more supportive heel. 

Bruno's frog has started to widen as have his heels and as on his RF the toe has begun to shorten. 

For now his heels look high as he has shed a layer of frog but that will grow in pretty fast and that should make a big difference to his landing as well. 

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