Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The sun shines - and that means 14 hour days!

Its been incredibly busy here over the last couple of weeks - horses coming and going but  the real novelty has been dry weather - finally - after last year's wet summer, wet autumn and totally disgusting winter.
Its hard to believe that on Sunday morning it was so cold that all the water was frozen. By contrast, yesterday was the first day of spring; the temperature shot up and for the first time this year even the clipped horses had their rugs off and the sun on their backs during the day :-)
The dry weather has been a godsend; exercising the horses has been much pleasanter and it has also  meant that I've been spending every spare moment on the tractor to get the fields rolled and - with Edward's help - the muck spread. Its worth the long days to see the fields transformed and ready to start growing grass!
Its supposed to start raining again for the rest of this week  - and sometimes once it starts it just doesn't stop - but I should have a bit more time for blogging at least...

In the meantime, check out for news on Buddy and Krista's adventures in their new barefoot world :-)

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