Monday, 25 March 2013

A different coloured Paddy

These feet belong to Paddy who arrived at the weekend as Remi went home.  
We had a grey Paddy here last year but this year's Paddy is a bay TB who came out of shoes just 6 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with lameness which blocked to the navicular bursa and was 4-6/10 lame on a right circle when assessed by his vets. 
As you can see, his feet have already started changing in the time since he has come out of shoes (just check out the angle of the new hoof capsule at the coronet, for a start!) but there is lots of work for him to do to improve the palmar hoof. Onwards and upwards, Paddy!


Emma Kitteridge said...

Hope paddy is settling in and making friends with the other horses instead of sticking like glue to Rolo's side!

Given what he was like yesterday I hope you don't regret saying onwards and upwards!!

cptrayes said...

This will be an interesting one for me, because he appears to have two issues that I am still dealing with in Ace. He has very contracted frogs, which is not that uncommon. But the seat of corn/heel plane is well in font of where his heel horn ends.

I know it's not right, but I think I am struggling with a horse who was barn reared with insufficient movement (he's an elite bred dressage horse and the Germans do that because they are worth too much to turn out.)

I am leaving them alone because his hoof wall actually brings his heel to the right point, but it does look odd that his seat of corn is a third of the way down his foot. I am hoping that in time it will migrate back to where it should be, but I don't know if it ever will.

He is rock crunching sound, so I try not to worry even though he also lands flat, especially with one front foot.


Nic Barker said...

He's doing ok, Emma - he quite likes Beanie and Ruby so they are a foursome now :-) No chance to lunge as we are frozen solid (though we don't have it as bad as you, C!) but surely it will thaw next week?!