Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New girl Red

These hooves belong to the second new horse to arrive this weekend - Red. She has superficially stronger feet than Beanie, whom I posted about yesterday but is still landing badly and like Beanie needs to grow much stronger and better balanced feet.
You can see from the lower photo that although she has a fairly good frog, her heels are contracted and her medio-lateral balance isn't right. I'm hoping for some good changes quite quickly in her feet so there will be lots more on her soon!


Unknown said...

Hi Nic - I want to say a massive well done, i'm new to the Rockley blog and am finding blog articles old and new very interesting and informative in my ongoing quest for long term soundness and 'rock crunching' hooves for my TB. Keep up the good work!

- I did have a question on surfaces, we're creating an outdoor turnout at our yard which will be a mix of concrete and pea gravel areas - what is the optimum spec for pea gravel in your experience?

Nic Barker said...

Thanks Katie - glad you are finding it useful! We use 5-10mm pea shingle. Any larger and its hard to keep on top of mucking out :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Nic!