Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beanie's first 2 weeks

As I posted Red's pics on Friday it seems only fair to post an update on Beanie - who also arrived 2 weeks ago. 
Every horse is different but its interesting to see how - like Red - he is already building up his frogs.
After only 2 weeks the changes aren't dramatic...
...but look at his toe and the back of his foot.
In another couple of weeks we should really be able to see where he is heading :-)


Unknown said...

I'm pleased nic I did not expect any changes after just two weeks so let's hope he improves more over the next two weeks. Julie

cptrayes said...

looks pretty dramatic for only 2 weeks to me !!!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment I agree it actualy is v good for two weeks!.quietly optimistic.! Julie

Nic Barker said...

Thanks C, and me too, Julie :-) I have high hopes for him over the next couple of weeks - what a good boy he is!