Thursday, 7 January 2010


Angel says "Yah boo sucks" to the snow drifts and ploughs on through...

...and where horses have gone, dogs can follow!

On Tuesday we had a couple of inches of snow, and because of the hills only 4WD trucks could get around up here...

...on Wednesday we had LOTS more snow - probably 8-12 inches and its drifted to several feet in places - and the little tractor and my 4x4 truck are now completely unable to get out (!). Fortunately I managed to get the big tractor out, and it chugged very competently around the yard and the drive, which means I can shift enough bales of haylage to keep cattle, sheep and horses fed and happy :-)

However a neighbouring farmer came up in his ENORMOUS, brand-spanking-new-hundreds-of-horsepower-tractor to feed his sheep in the fields above us, and said he only just got up the lanes, with lots of wheel spin and squealing, from his farm, which is normally a 5 minute drive away :-0

Amazingly, though, despite the vehicles struggling and nearly letting us down, the horses are more than capable of stomping along, unfazed by the snow... "The best 4x4 by far" certainly isn't a Land Rover :-)

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Clare said...

At least the snow has slowed the dogs down enough to take a photo that isn't blurred ;-)