Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mileage on the track

Second plan for this week (no harm planning ahead even though I've not achieved plan 1 yet!) is to try and record the mileage the horses do on the track in a normal 24hr period. I suspect that they cover much more distance on the track than they do out in a field, because when on the track they seem to maintain fitness and muscle so well, even if (like Ghost) they are not in hard work, but it would be nice to find out.

I'm going to use the GPS but unfortunately today there is a really nasty east wind blowing and the temperature had gone down to -3 by early evening, so very sensibly the horses are all in the barn, sheltered from the wind and eating a new bale of haylage :-)

I know from experience that a strong wind seems to be one of the things that the horses really dislike contending with. Cold, still weather, or even wet weather doesn't drive them inside and out of the way as fast as the wind, even when its not accompanied by rain. As soon as it drops, though, I will be lashing the Garmin to Felix (as being the horse least likely to break it - it wouldn't last 5 minutes on Charlie, Jacko or Angel!) and we'll see what it shows.

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cptrayes said...

Yup, mine too. The wind puts them into a depression. Much like it does me!