Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Updated website

I've just updated www.rockleyfarm.co.uk, mostly to bring it up to date about the book, the big ride and the current news on the rehab horses.  

Blue is going well -  he had his longest hack out so far, yesterday, which took us for an hour and a half mostly down the lanes.  He went on the verges for part of the way but was trotting happily on the road - nice smooth tarmac, which he found comfortable even though it will take lots of work before his digital cushion is shock-absorbing as effectively as it should be. 

He is going home in a couple of weeks, so its good to have got him to this stage.  He also coped very well with an extremely stony stretch of lane  - not too far, probably only a few hundred yards, but although he didn't enjoy it, he went steadily and carefully.  

Angel is doing regular canter work now, and I am wondering whether his hooves will be good enough by July for him to be my RideBare horse, on our epic trek.  Only time will tell - fingers crossed!

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