Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Challenge Charlie....(!)

I posted a while ago about the Charlie's decision not to be turned out, and today there was another twist...

It was a lovely evening yesterday, so he was out in one of our smaller back fields with Felix, Hector, Ghost and Jacko.  They haven't been on that field for several weeks, and it was time to take the sheep off it and put the horses onto it. 

Charlie went out happily enough, but this morning was standing in the corner of the field nearest to the barn, clearly desperate to get out in case he missed his breakfast - though all the other horses were still peacefully grazing.  

He was winding himself up, so I decided to bring him straight in.  Well, to get to the gate, he had to turn round and walk away from the barn -  not a problem for the other horses, but after coming back about half the way to the gate, he lost it completely, turned tail, bolted back to the fence,  jumped the post and rail, landed on the track and flew at a flat out gallop past the house and up to the barn!  What a muppet!  

I've seen horses jump fences to get back to their friends, or to get into a nicer field, but I've never seen one do it to leave his friends and go back to the barn...Especially when the gate was already open and it was only a slightly shorter route to jump the fence....   

There are lots of things going on in Charlie's head, and I am not sure I understand many of them :-0


cptrayes said...

I thought Jazz was the only horse who would leave company in a field and jump a fence to get to his stable. Do they share any genes???


Nic Barker said...

I wouldn't have had Jazz down as having Welsh cob or TB blood :-) They both have very interesting minds though - definitely not quite normal horse...Strange, specialised boys - brilliant at what they are good at, otherwise very much special needs(!) Maybe autistic is the word I am looking for?!