Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow as well!

Its not just stayed cold, its got colder! The ground is truly frozen solid everywhere, we have had no water in the barn for several days, but fortunately the streams are running as the main source of water for the horses, sheep and cattle.

This morning it snowed as well - not much, but enough to make the roads like an ice-rink again, very frustrating as at least we were able to keep the horses ticking over with road work up till now. I think we may get a thaw over the next few days, but at the moment the gang seem happy enough munching vast amounts of haylage and having an unscheduled holiday.

Fortunately the ground in the fir woods has stayed unfrozen, and the pea gravel has been fine too up till today, but apart from that they are having to do some serious rock-crunching :-)

1 comment:

sarahh said...

Yay for snow
Although not for working in the snow, brrrrrr
Hope you can get some riding in soon
(god bless my indoor school ;-D)