Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009, everyone!

Another beautiful day here, freezing cold, but dry and clear - what a fantastic start to the New Year :-)

Unfortunately I have managed to catch Andy's stinking cold, but by a lucky coincidence the weather means that the fields and roads are so frozen that exercising horses is not really an option today, so I have a cast iron excuse not to go out exercising in sub-zero temperatures - its an ill wind!

They are all quite happy anyway mooching round the track - it must beat being stuck in a box all day, and now that the wind has dropped they are using the eastern half of the track again, although they won't hang around there once it gets dark and the temperature drops.

The new horses have settled in well, although Dually/George had me worried last night as he had a mild bout of colic - no apparent reason for it, and fortunately it passed off as quickly as it came on, much to my and the vet-on-call's relief - why is it that veterinary emergencies only EVER happy on Sundays or bank holidays?!?!!!

Alls well that ends well though, and 2008 ended happily for everyone, so lets hope thats a good omen for 2009.

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