Monday, 28 July 2008

Way to go Kelly and Dex!

...who went competing on Sunday in their first one day event since Dex got home :-)

They did a good dressage test, were clear SJ and then blasted round the cross country, in prime position...Kelly said that Dex was moving beautifully, even though the ground was like concrete, but then they were really unlucky and missed one of the XC jumps, which meant elimination :-( Kelly reckons they would have won otherwise, but she hasn't told Dex yet - he still thinks they went clear :-)

They are eventing again in a few weeks, and he is off competing in BSJA before then - not bad for a horse who was lame and destined for a bullet in February!

Little Hector, the new orange boy, is doing well, and is now one of the gang. He already has a much better band of new hoof wall, which is both better quality and a tighter angle than his old hoof capsule.

When he arrived we videoed him landing very toe first, and then we filmed him again two weeks later. Amazingly, he was already landing much better, and actually beginning to engage the back of the foot.

Hector has done little work yet, but as long as the promised thunderstorms hold off for a few hours more, I am hoping to ride him today...


Anonymous said...

woohoo!! I still can't believe I missed a fence what an idiot!! but yep dexter was a complete star and even though the ground felt as hard as concrete he went for it and took off galloping up the hill at the end!!

Nic Barker said...

Yeehaa :-) Gotta love the barefoot performance ponies ;-)