Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New navicular rehab horse

One goes out, one comes in :-)

As Dex has now gone home, the god of barefoot obviously decided we needed to keep going with the orange navicular theme!

New boy has come from Exmoor, via journalist Cindy Cowling who did the Exmoor magazine article (thanks again, Cindy!), and he is a 6 yr old ISH by Ricardo Z, and he will be a very nice competition horse if we can get him back on track.

The photos are of him a few months ago, of course, but he has settled in well and we hope it won't be long before we can post new action shots of him! Feet pics will also go up on the website when I get the chance, of course :-)


sarahh said...

Wow, what a stunner!
Fingers crossed he has as fast a recovery as the fabulous Dex :-)

Anonymous said...

something funny about them both being orange!! looks lovely and yeah hopefully he will end up recovering like dexter!!

cptrayes said...

Only 6 and ruined by shoes already!


Nic Barker said...

I wouldn't say "ruined", exactly, Caroline - he has only been out of shoes a few days and already he is looking very, very sound ;-)

If they go lame in shoes quickly, they are usually very quick to "fix" - Charlie is another example, as he had only been shod for a few weeks but that was enough to strain his check ligaments. The ones that take a long time are the ones, like Ghost, who have had years of damage...

Its like the old saying: "The impossible we can do at once, miracles take a little longer" :-)