Sunday, 8 June 2008

Online, offline...

A frustrating week, for lots of reasons...firstly technology - we are not on broadband, or any sort of landline here, which makes an internet link desperately slow at the best of times. This week the whole thing ground to a complete halt, and eventually I worked out that the cable linking the PC to the phone line was missing most of its teeth (!). It took another 2 or 3 days to get a new cable, and I finally got back online yesterday...

Dexter also decided that this would be a good week to go offline...After his brilliant performance on Friday, he was in good form over last weekend but turn out over night at the beginning of the week proved too much for him, and unfortunately I did not spot it until Tuesday. We took him off the grass straight away but it took him a good few days in quod on the track with Conto before he was back to normal. Mea culpa.

The interesting thing is that Bailey, and the other horses, are all absolutely rock-crunching, despite being turned out at night.

On a more positive note, it was great to have Jane Tweedie down at the beginning of the week, and she did a great job not only of trimming feet but also of schooling me and Felix, Andy and Bailey, and of course Charlie, whom she rode herself :-) Thanks Jane ;-)

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Jane said...


Glad you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!! (Although I do promise to allow Charlie more fun next time!)