Sunday, 1 June 2008

Great day at Treborough!

We took Felix, Bailey, Conto and Dexter to the Exmoor Foxhounds Hunter Trial on Friday, and had a great day :-)

I have some footage to put onto Youtube but haven't been able to get a chance to upload it yet...

Meanwhile though there are pics of:

Dexter -

Conto -

Felix -

Bailey - and

All the horses performed brilliantly - Dex and Kelly had the best result, with a faultless clear round, but I was also thrilled with Conto. I've only jumped him once before, last year at home over a couple of jumps, and so I wasn't sure how he would deal with a whole event. He found it quite a challenge mentally but was very brave, and ended up jumping well. We took all the easy options but his attitude was fantastic - what a little star :-) I am hoping this will have b-uilt his confidence for next time.

Bailey was great - calm and jumping really well, and it was the first time she and Andy had done a 3ft3 course, with some much bigger jumps, which she coped well with.

Jumping Felix is like riding a guided missile - once he locks onto a jump its just a question of hanging on, but unfortunately due to pilot error we had a misunderstanding about which jump we should be doing (!) - he had locked onto th fence in front, but we were supposed to be doing one at 90 degrees to the right...! He tried to change for me but the angle was too sharp and I came out of the side door...He is such a pro that he stood and waited for me to get up, catch him and get back on, then carried on a few round clear. I felt a bit of a muppet :-) More pics to follow...

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