Tuesday, 11 March 2008

There's no such thing as bad weather...

...just inappropriate clothing...or so we keep telling ourselves...

Another horrendous day here, with rain, gales, and general meteorological misery.

The horses are making their views quite clear, as they are firmly in favour of staying in the barn, with occasional forays out to eat haylage in the firs or the yards when the weather is not too bad. They will do anything to avoid the prevailing wind, so we feed from whichever hay feeders are the most protected.

Even those who are fairly low in the pecking order are allowed in to share the undercover feeders, and there seems to be a "Blitz spirit" which means they are all able to eat together fairly contentedly round the most sheltered feeders in bad weather, when on a sunny day there would be rivalry for the best spots.

The sheep seem mostly to be crossing their legs, very sensible, and although we have fished out a couple of lambs over the last 24 hrs they are generally are refusing to come out till its sunnier, at least I hope so :-)

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Anonymous said...

howling a gale here right now.