Sunday, 9 March 2008

Dexter, Jack and Lucy

...what stars they have been over the last couple of weeks!

They are the 3 relative newcomers to the yard, and in the last 2 weeks have been involved in:

Mary Bromiley's clinic
Ben Hart's clinic
2 x Active Natural Hoofcare study days, and
UKNHCP Orientation clinic...

It was a new experience for all of them, and all 3 behaved perfectly on every occasion.

Lucy, who is not in work at the moment because of her tendon injury, really enjoyed the opportunity to be a star at Ben's clinic, and working with flags, tarpaulins, and other strange objects. She was also reunited with her old owner at orientation, and it was nice to hear how much better she thought the injury was looking.

Jack, who was formerly not trusted to be tied up or worked in the school has been a gentleman throughout, and patiently standing to be trimmed and whilst we talked about his hooves!

Dexter has a lot more experience than the other 2, and so of course took everything in his stride. It probably helps that he is now living with the "in" crowd - Bailey, Felix, Charlie and Conto - and he seems to be feeling rather smug about this social promotion!

He has not been trimmed, as he is not due for another week, but he was very tolerant of having his feet inspected by all the students, and although his hooves don't yet stand up to comparison with Ghost (the other "navicular" horse here at the moment), they are starting to look very promising :-)

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